There are many things to consider when seeking recreational real estate. Whether purchasing it for personal use, or development purposes, the help of an expert is essential. Agents that specialize in recreational real estate, like those at Sports Afield Trophy Properties, for example, will know the true value of the land. That is an advantage when buyers are ready to make an offer on the property. They are also familiar with the intricacies of mineral and water rights. An example is most of the Montana land for sale, which has an abundance of water rights that are perfect for development.

Hunting and fishing lands provide an excellent opportunity to develop lodges, excursions, fishing trips, and big game hunting resorts. Fish include trout, pike, and walleye. Hunters can enjoy finding waterfowl, bighorn sheep, antelope, and elk, among other large game animals. Other development opportunities include agricultural farming, cattle and bison farming, and operational ranches. There are also trails and flat lands available for equestrian sports, hiking, and all-terrain vehicles (ATVs).

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A specialist will know the location of trails, where big game is most likely to be found, and where skiing is best in the winter. That information can inform developers about profitability, feasibility, and outside access to properties. Branching out into recreational real estate was a natural progression for Sports Afield owners, who publish the longest running magazine about big game hunting and adventures.

Those wishing to purchase recreational property for personal use can discuss needs, budgets, and preferences with a specialist. The agent will be able to match up properties based on the size wanted, the recreational activities enjoyed by family members, and the ideal price range. Montana includes seventy-seven ranges of the Rocky Mountains, which allows for great skiing, snowmobiling, snowboarding, winter hunting, and ice fishing. Finding a property that includes access to winter sports, if that is what the family desires, is no problem.

Those interested in recreational property in any state can go to to locate specialists. Having initial information available to begin discussions about needs and desires will expedite the search. Writing down goals for the property, a general idea of size wanted, preferred locations, and a price range can allow an agent to begin looking immediately after the first contact. It is important to keep in mind that listings under recreational properties include at least one aspect of outdoor activity. Developers, investors, or private buyers who are seeking several recreational activities will want to make that clear to their real estate agents.

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